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Aloe vera for dandruff

Dandruff makes your scalp itchy, and the flaking can be embarrassing. You will notice some white flakes either on the scalp or hair strands, and when it becomes too much, it goes to your clothes. Again, this can be distressing, but worst of all is the itchiness that occurs, mainly when it’s cold or hot.…

Does Aloe Vera Help Hair 1

Does Aloe Vera Help Hair? Everything you need to Know

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant renowned the world over for its medicinal and healing properties. It is actually one of the oldest plants known to man for its medical abilities and amazing benefits, be it in weight loss or healing wounds. It is because of this that most people wonder, does aloe vera help hair? The answer, according to WebMD, is yes, aloe Vera does have benefits when it comes to hair.